Can Corona Recovered Patients get Infected again?

Corona Reinfection

Where a majority of people are considering anti-bodies & dexamethasone a sort of solution to treat Coronavirus. There a small portion of patients who are corona recovered are getting virus again but with severe symptoms this time. It’s pretty shocking to hear that, although Medical Research claims that most infections when treated don’t occur again in Human Body. But it’s also true that the corona recovered patients have reported recurrence.

Recently, General Secretary of Young Doctors Association Pakistan Salman Kazmi has confirmed this sad news. He said in a statement that, a Doctor serving in Mayo Hospital Lahore has been tested positive again for COVID-19. The same doctor 3 months ago got recovered from the virus successfully. While now, he is having more severe symptoms than before. Note: This is the first-ever case of corona recurrence in Pakistan.

Apart from that, a 68-year old person from China who recovered from COVID-19 was hospitalized again having the same symptoms. The lab report tested him corona positive. Similarly, 46 years old women from the same country tested positive with corona recurrence. This may be a start towards an alarming situation ahead. But how is it possible, if a person generates antibodies after treatment.? Let’s find the answer,

How Corona Recovered Patients can be infected again.?

So if someone is in the category of those ones, he may be at risk of reinfection. Moreover, this reinfection will not that mild as it was at first, it may produce severe symptoms if recurred. Even the situation may lead the person towards death. WHO & other Health Authorities recommend more and more care to avoid any health issues caused by COVID-19. It can be only possible by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and staying clean.

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